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A guide created for like-minded travelers and adventurers who care about their health, the environment, and supporting local Communities! So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let's travel!

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Healthy Livin Travelers Meet John and Ally

Hey Friends, we're so glad you're here!

We’re John and Ally, the creators of The Healthy Livin Travelers, both certified yoga instructors, and health coaches, currently traveling between our 9-5’s.

We discovered the power of travel and wellness in our early twenties, which deepened our connection to see the world with a healthier mindset!

Slow travel is the approach we often take which heightens our connection to local people, cultures, food, farms, and nature! Giving us more of an impactful space that allows us to remain in the present moment and bringing us back to the roots of why we travel. 

We often seek outdoor, off-the-beaten-path adventures where we can find a stronger connection with nature.  However, we also love connecting and staying with local farmers and families, experiencing life as a local, and are always on the search for a farmers' market!

We share the connection between travel and holistic health and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your mind, body & soul, while also experiencing different cultures in an authentic way.

We hope to empower you to live your best life without limitations, embrace your fears, and fully immerse yourself in your experiences! The quality of your experience is far more important than the quantity of your experiences! 

There is a world to explore, let's go see it!
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