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Meet The Healthy Livin Travelers

About the Healthy Livin TRavelers!

Hey Friends, Thanks for joining us!

We’re John and Ally, the founders of The Healthy Livin Travelers, both certified yoga instructors, traveling between our 9-5’s. We met in 2013 and began our adventures together. From living with our parents to becoming hop farmers and brewing beer to buying, restoring, and living in a camper to building our dream home and hobby farm in Central New York.

Just Living the American Dream!

Well, we’re ready to start livin more and worrying less! No longer allowing our 9-5 lifestyle stop us from seeing the world! We’re in the pursuit of happiness. That’s where the Healthy Livin Travelers come in!

John had an autoimmune disease that we often felt reserved us from pursuing our dreams of traveling. From seeing doctor after doctor with never any reassurance. We’ve watched friends and family struggle with autoimmune diseases. Never being able to travel far from home, always ill, and often missing family events. That’s when we vowed that that will never be us. There is a world to see!

We began looking into a more holistic approach. We started with diet. Many different diets, until we found what worked best for us. We started learning more about where our food comes from, how to be more sustainable at our homestead, how to limit our ecological footprint on the world and living a more fulfilled, spiritual lifestyle. We began supporting our local farmers and small businesses, buying more sustainable and eco-friendly commodities, removing all chemical products from our household, living a more natural, minimalistic lifestyle, and seeing the world.

And look at us, we’ve made it! Ready to take on whatever life experiences come our way! No longer allowing health or the corporate world to get in the way of our dreams!

Are you ready to join us?

Meet Ally

My soul steers me into natures silence

Angie Weiland-Crosby
About Ally

Hey, I’m Ally!

A Certified Yoga Instructor, with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability and Animal Science. I have always had a passion for animals (& tacos) and always pictured myself creating a perfect little homestead with my hobby farm.

I grew up in Central NY, in this tiny little town, living life on a dairy farm, and attending an agricultural college.

In 2013, I met John, who later, introduced me to hiking, traveling and backpacking and a whole new world opened up to me! My passions have now broadened to traveling, wildlife and yoga! We since then built our dream home, and I started working on my hobby farm with chickens, ducks, gardening and everything else that comes with homesteading!

Since then, we’ve started traveling as much as we can between our 9-5’s, from different parts of the United States to Europe and to Asia!

I have come to find that this corporate 9-5 lifestyle isn’t the only thing to life, and my plans are to find more ways to travel the world, live sustainably, and love my everyday life!

Meet John

About John

Hi, I’m John!

The creative mind behind the Healthy Livin Travelers! Lover of food and good wine! If you need to know the best restaurants to check out, I’m your guy!

A 3rd generation carpenter from Central NY with a past of brewing beer and growing hops! I am a supporter of our local farms, local businesses, and growing our communities! Living a holistic lifestyle is what keeps me going!

A certified yoga instructor, always looking to learn and grow as an individual.

Definitely the adrenaline junkie of the two, always pulling Ally out of her comfort zone showing her how to enjoy her best life!

We are ready to be the outsiders!