Annecy France – A MUST!

If you love little mountain towns that are all about supporting their local business, then Annecy France is the place to be! #MountainTowns #Travel #Europe

Mountains, Castles, Canals, Farmer’s Markets & Adventures!

Annecy is this picturesque old alpine town in Southeastern France, surrounded by mountains, located on the banks of the Thiou River and Lake Annecy, which is one of the largest, most beautiful natural lakes in France!

We were here on our honeymoon. We went from Paris to Annecy, to Chamonix, a drive short drive through Italy and then to Gassin France. Annecy was THE most beautiful place we have ever been to! This old town was colorful and felt like it could be home for us! From the flowered pedestrian streets to the beautiful stone buildings. Lake Annecy was aqua blue, we have never seen a more beautiful lake! The rivers that flow between the buildings, with swans floating peacefully. Is this real life? Love at first sight.

Where we Stayed:

An absolutely beautiful mini loft right in the heart of Annecy. A short walk from Lake Annecy, pedestrianized streets, restaurants, cinemas, shops, and AMAZING farmers markets! We don’t spend much time in our Airbnb, as we are always out adventuring, but the times that were spent there, we felt we were right at home, but with a Jacuzzi Tub!!

Mind-blowing Farmer’s Markets!

We are all about local high-quality food! We go to our farmers market at home, every Saturday! So when we’re out traveling and spot a farmers market – it’s a must-stop! Well, France farmer’s markets will blow your mind! The farmer’s market goes on forever, it’s almost overwhelming! From fruits and veggies to tons of different meats and cheeses, to nuts and dried fruit. And OMG the Gluten-Free Macaroons! Most farmer’s markets are once a week, but in France, they had farmers’ markets multiple times a week!

We were in HEAVEN!

Things to do!

Cycling around Lake Annecy is a MUST! A 50km cycle path that follows an old railway track connecting Annecy to Albertville. It’s a flat path dedicated to cyclers only, No motorized vehicles!! It offers stunning mountainous and lake views! The route was paved, marked well, and even had bike tunnels! You don’t have to be an avid cyclist to experience this! We thought we would do the touristy thing, especially since this was our honeymoon and rent a 2-person bicycle! It was a blast! We went 25 miles! Everybody we met along our route was incredibly friendly!

One Amazing Experience

I, (Ally) wouldn’t consider myself an adrenaline junkie or a risk taker. Wouldn’t in my life think about hopping on a roller-coaster… For Fun… I do not like the feeling you get when your stomach just drops! Easily, I get car sick. However, this is our honeymoon, and I am going to do something out of the ordinary! We decided to go Paragliding (Ally) & Hang Gliding (John), which we booked through Adrenalin Hunter, Our instructors were through Delta Evasion.

Definitely spur of the moment, so we booked it last minute, so we weren’t able to both do hang gliding or paragliding. I paid for it ahead of time, I knew if I paid for it, then I had to do it! We got to this big open field where everyone is landing, not a single person looked scared or upset, they all had smiles on their faces. Am I the only one who is scared? So, we get in this van loaded with a bunch of French guides. Speaking in French, laughing, and having a good time. John & I had no idea what they were saying.. We continue to go farther and farther up this mountain. I am incredibly scared, thinking to myself, I am definitely going to chicken out…

We finally reach the top of the mountain..

They pulled John and I in different directions, we didn’t have the chance to even talk or say good luck. And John was gone. I get to the take off spot, and he starts connecting the parachute. I feel like I am going to be sick, its all a huge blur, next thing you know we’re running and jump off the mountain at 5,000 feet up. The first 15 seconds, I don’t remember, but the go pro video recapped that, (It is so worth spending the extra few bucks for the video and photos!). After the first 15 seconds was over and the parachute caught, I was able to catch my breath, and just take in the breathtaking views of Lake Annecy, the beautiful town and the mountains surrounding it!

I have never felt more alive! John, however is an adrenaline junkie, and had absolutely no fear at all! We couldn’t wait to tell everyone what we experienced in France! And my family definitely wouldn’t have believed I did it without the photos and video! Annecy had to be one of the most beautiful places to experience something like this!

Stay awhile!

There is so much you can do in the town of Annecy! We unfortunately only had 2 weeks to celebrate our honeymoon and we clearly overbooked it with many other places to see, we wish we stayed a lot longer in Annecy France! Annecy will always have our hearts!!

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