Alyx B

A Certified Yoga Instructor and wellness coach, who studied Environmental Sustainability and Animal Science. Lover of animals and tacos! And passionate about traveling, hiking, yoga, and the environment.

Creating a Wellness Routine

Creating a Wellness Routine

Creating a Wellness Routine You’ll Fall in Love With Wellness is more than just physical, wellness is also mental, emotional, spiritual, & professional. It’s your environment and the people you surround yourself with. Creating a wellness routine could look like meal prepping, a...

Aspiring 46er - Noonmark Mountain-not a 46er!

Best Winter Adirondack Hikes

The Best Winter Adirondack Hikes — Read More! Winter is nature’s way of meditation. Silence brings us to that inner peace and solitude we sometimes abandon during those livelier months: the landscape covered in a thick layer of white fluffy snow absorbing all sound, other than...