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Looking to turn your passion into money? Want to ditch the corporate world and follow your dreams? Oh, trust me, I’ve been there! Continue reading on how to become a successful blogger!

Blogging Fast Lane Course Review

Have you ever dreamt about starting a blog? Something you’re truly passionate about? Maybe being able to travel while earning an income blogging? I had a dream of one day traveling the world, sharing my passions with other like-minded people. My passion for nature, wildlife, and photography. And John’s passions for traveling, food, health, and minimalistic living. When we put our passions together we thought starting a blog would be an idea to transition out of the corporate 9-5 world and travel more!

I started a paleo food blog at first to try and get the hang of this blogging lifestyle. Neither of us knew the first thing about blogging. And I feel like I am a very techie person and John’s very good with ideas and creativity. So, this will be cake, right? Yea, no…

I abandoned it because it just wasn’t working.

Then ads started to pop up all over our social media pages about successful bloggers and freelancers, making money, while traveling the world. Living Life. We clicked on so many different advertisements. Listening to so many different podcasts. It was starting to feel really overwhelming.

The day we finally made a decision!

John saw an Ad on facebook for a free webinar on how to start a successful blog with Adventure in You (one of the leading travel blogs in the world) and shared it to my page. So, what the heck, we signed up. I instantly felt like Tom & Anna spoke to me. I felt like they were actually genuine. Personable. And not just in it for the money!

I am extremely frugal with money, especially when I have any kind of doubts. John & I both worked full-time jobs, I went to school while paying for it out of pocket, we have a home and animals to feed, a lot of other bills. I don’t just spend my money willingly.

We both felt like it was now or never. We could continue to look at course after course without ever actually making a commitment and going insane over it, or we could just take the risk and do it.

Tom & Anna seemed like honest people and they were offering a 90-day money-back guarantee, so we agreed to give it a try! You have to take risk to succeed, right?

Blogging Fast Lane course Review

Blogging Fast Lane Course Review

Our honest review

Luckily, I have a lot of time at work to be able to go through the modules, otherwise, I would have not gotten far on my blog! Both John and I are very active people, so after work, we don’t want to continue to gaze at a computer screen.

I literally had no idea what goes into making a successful blog until reviewing all of the modules! I thought this would be easy and it would just happen magically. And I don’t know how anyone would know all this information without taking a course of some sort. Advertising, affiliate marketing, SEO.. It was an overload of information! But I dove right in.

Everybody does things their own way, with what works best for them. I wanted to totally start over with a new blog, start from square 1.

The first modules went great! I felt pretty good about it, but still not 100%. I started to get into the affiliate mastery and search omnipresence modules and then was like this isn’t for me.. I’ve tried WordPress in the past, and it was too complicated, but that’s what they recommended for this course. So I was really struggling with that. Which was making the modules harder to follow and understand. So, I took some time away from it, because I was overwhelmed. They tell you not to worry about how your blog particularly looks and just focus on the modules. But I got back into it and said I’m going to focus on getting our website up and really better understanding WordPress first. And after learning more of the ins and outs of WordPress, I felt so much more confident with the materials presented in the modules!

Blogging Fast Lane course Review

So, is it worth it?

Our blog is up and running and we couldn’t have done it without Tom & Anna from Adventure in You!! The resources and tips they provided to us are everything we needed to get our blog going! I have taken a few other courses on how to work remotely and felt like they were scams… Tom & Anna, however, are just so much more personable. They always comment on your post in the private community Facebook group. They always e-mail you back when you have questions, concerns or feel like giving up. Tom & Anna want to actually see you succeed! They are there to help! Your key resources! I felt confident in this course!! It took time. But to me, it was worth it.

How to become a successful Fast Lane Blogger!

This is how we did it; this is how we are currently doing it and these are the tools that we used that have guided us on this journey thus far. This course will set you up for success! This is an amazing opportunity and you will gain so much knowledge on the blogging world! Here are a few things to help answer any questions you may have:

  • You don’t have to have a blog to start this course! If you do, that’s a plus!
  • You have the option to pay in full or equal payments.
  • The course is available for you to constantly refer back to, for life!
  • You will be added to a very active community facebook group, to ask questions or opinions. Tom and Anna are very active in this group!
Blogging Fast Lane course Review

I am very confident that you will find this Fast Lane Blogging course to be an invaluable resource that will help you with building your blog and being a successful blogger!

The blogging fast lane course helps you turn your passion into money!

Go check out Adventure in You and sign up for their free blogging fast lane webinar for more information and tips on how to create a successful blog!

Things to Remember

  • Everything takes time, its not a quick way to make money. Many successful bloggers only see a couple of dollars a month, but they didn’t give up, and now they are the most successful bloggers in the world. (John & I started this 6 months ago, and are now seeing money come in and more viewers and more people sharing our content! Yay!!
  • This course isn’t a course on website design, so it will take some time learning how to actually create a website! Give it time! Be Patient!
  • Stick with it, don’t give up, this is the first step to success!
  • Create content often to get more viewers! Be creative. Do research!
  • Share what YOU are passionate about!! And feel free to let me know how it’s going, and I would love to see more people with success! And talk to more like-minded people!
  • I am rooting for you! Stay Positive!! Manifest your dreams!

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