Embrace the Power of I AM

Embrace the Power of I AM

Discover the art of conscious creation and how the words you choose and the thoughts you foster shape the architecture of your destiny. See for yourself, unravel the transformative power that lies in embracing the essence of I AM.

Embrace the Power of I AM

Today, I share insights into the empowering practice of recognizing the “I AM” within, understanding that we are the architects of our destinies through the words we choose and the thoughts we nurture. Let’s explore the transformative power of conscious creation.

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Embrace the Power of I AM

Embracing the Creator Within:

At the core of our being lies the profound truth—I AM the creator of my reality. It’s not just a statement; it’s a profound realization that shapes our experiences. The choices we make, the attention we give, and the intentions we set all contribute to the beauty of our lives.

I AM and Conscious Attention:

“I AM” is not just a phrase; it is your sense of awareness and where you choose to place it. Over the course of your life, you’ve likely undergone a conditioning process that has cultivated a mindset brimming with “I am not,” like “I am not smart,” “I am not good,” “I am not talented.” Be mindful of the words you attach to your “I AM.” That could even be “I am sick today” or “I am vibrant and healthy,” your I AM Power holds the key to manifestation. What reality will you create with your conscious attention?

Building Consciousness with Intention:

Every day is an opportunity to shape our consciousness. Sincerity and intention take precedence over techniques and methods. Let your heart guide you, be sincere in your pursuits, and set intentional goals for the life you wish to manifest. You are in full charge of your state of being—what you allow, what you tolerate, and what you refuse to tolerate.

Embrace the Power of I AM

Decide and Design Your Reality:

As the year draws to a close, reflect on what serves your highest good. Every appearance in your life is a decision—do you want it or not? Declare your intentions boldly. If something is not fulfilling, let it go. YOU ARE THE CREATOR of your narrative. Embrace the excitement, creativity, and childlike wonder that comes with the I AM. It’s time to stop living as victims and take responsibility for our choices.

Love Your Power of Choice:

Taking responsibility for your “bullshit” is an act of self-love. Acknowledge the power of choice that resides within you. Love the fact that you have the ability to shape your reality.

Let’s celebrate the joy of being conscious creators and embrace the beauty of the I AM.

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Embrace the Power of I AM

My Experience Discovering the Power of I AM

During a transformative 2-week backpacking journey through the Adirondacks, covering a challenging 150 miles, I encountered a profound realization of the power of “I AM.” On the second day of the trek, I faced a daunting challenge – a strained IT Band that made walking excruciatingly painful. With no town in sight and 36 miles deep into the heart of the forest, I had a choice to make.

In that moment, I tapped into the incredible potency of the I AM. With each step, I repeated the affirmations, “I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY, I AM HEALED.” It became a mantra that echoed through the woods, resonating with my determination and commitment. I poured my heart and soul into those affirmations, transcending physical limitations and embracing the power of conscious creation.

Despite the odds, I completed the backpacking journey, covering the full 150 miles. What started as a challenging trial transformed into a testament to the strength derived from the intentional and affirmative energy of the I AM. This experience left me not only physically stronger but also aware of the boundless power within each of us when we harness the transformative energy of the I AM.

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