Beating the Crowds for a Beautiful Sunrise in Acadia National Park

Escape the Crowds for a Beautiful Sunrise in Acadia National Park

Have you ever wanted to experience a beautiful sunrise hike, but are like where the hell did all these people come from? Well, let’s beat the Crowds for a Beautiful Sunrise in Acadia National Park

National Park Visitation numbers have increased as people from all over discover the mental and physical benefits of spending time in Nature, especially since C-19. Unfortunately, more people means more crowding on trails, and crowds make for less peace and quiet and the solitude that you were searching for!  

Beating the Crowds for a Beautiful Sunrise in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park was established originally as Sieur de Monts National Monument in 1916. The park offers 120 miles of hiking trails, many that reach the granite peaks, and miles of gravel carriage roads heightened by beautiful stone bridges. Acadia National Park, located in Maine, is well known for its autumn foliage, sunrises (one of the earliest places in the US to catch the sunrise), and its rocky granite jagged coastline. 3.5 million visitors are attracted to Acadia National Park annually, making it one of the top ten most visited national parks in the United States!

Cadillac Mountain

So, many people choose Cadillac Mountain as it is the highest peak in Acadia National Park, and the highest point on the East Coast of the U.S, known to be the first place in the United States to experience the sunrise.  With an elevation of 1,530 feet, about a 4-5 mile round trip hike, depending on your route.

Cadillac Mountain also offers a Summit Road, a 3-mile scenic drive to the top. Adding many scenic turnouts to experience the breathtaking views along route. There is parking, restrooms, a gift shop, and overlooks connected by paved walks at the summit. Because of this, you can see why there might be crowding! Reservations are also necessary.

Escape the Crowds for a Beautiful Sunrise in Acadia National Park

How do we beat the crowds then and find the solitude that true adventurers are seeking? You take the path less taken!

Enjoy the Sunrise on Pemetic Mountain all to Yourselves!

Pemetic Mountains elevation is 1,248 ft. Access via the Pemetic South Ridge Trail, Pemetic North Ridge Trail, or the verticle and intimidating Pemetic Northwest Trail. Depending on the trail chosen, your hike could be 4-7 miles.

Located in the heart of Mount Desert Island high above Jordan Pond. Climbing some vertical inclines, but the scenery is worth the energy.

After climbing through the wooded area, it begins to open up, reaching granite formations and feels like a whole new world.

Views of some of Acadia’s most prominent landmarks, including Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain, Penobscot Mountain, The Bubbles, Sargent Mountain, and the Coast of Maine all visible from the top.

Acdadia National Park

Our Sunrise Hike Climbing Pemetic Mountain | Fall 2020

We took the path less traveled and it led us to 360 views of Mount Desert Island. An Entire Summit to ourselves as we enjoyed the sunrise in Solitude!

We hiked Pemetic Mountain on October 5th, 2020. The sun rises at around 6:30, so we made sure to be parked and heading up the trail by 4 am, to give us plenty of time to reach the top before sunrise!

Pemetic North Ridge Trail

Driving to the Bubble Pond Lot, lots of vehicles heading towards Cadillac mountain!!!

Starting from the Bubble Pond parking lot, following the Pemetic North Ridge Trail, a relitivly steep and forested route up to the summit. The Parking lot at Bubble Pond is small and limited, but nobody was there at 4:00 AM! It was obviously pitch black, so we couldn’t see much going on, but we all had headlamps!

Pemetic Mountain

Reaching the summit, before full sunrise, but starting to brighten up!

Pemetic Mountain
Pemetic Mountain

We got to watch the amazing sunrise on Pemetic Mountain ALL TO OURSELVES!!! We hung out for quite some time! A little chilly in October, but we just had gloves and light jackets on!

Pemetic Mountain
Acadia National Park

From the summit, you can either return down the South Ridge Trail or the slightly steeper Pemetic North Ridge Trail. We descending down the South Ridge trail!

Acadia National Park

10/10 Reccomend Taking the Path Less Hiked!

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