The BEST Portable Fridge Freezer for Long Road Trips - 2023

USA Road Trip Map Route

USA Road Trip Map Route

3-Month US Road Trip

Summer 2023 we took a cross-country road trip for 3 months living in a Toyota Tundra and a Rooftop Tent with our dog Rocky!

Traveling the US for 3 months, we only paid for camping 3 times, costing a total of $90 in lodging! The Ioverlander app was a wonderful app to use for finding free camp spots throughout the US!

Route Driven: NY ➝ PA ➝ VA ➝ NC ➝ TN ➝ AR ➝ OK ➝ TX ➝ NM ➝ CO ➝ UT ➝ ID ➝ OR ➝ CA ➝ OR (Again) ➝ WA ➝ ID (Again) ➝ WY ➝ MT ➝ ND ➝ MN ➝ WI ➝ MI ➝ OH ➝ PA ➝ NY

Below is a map of all the places we stopped along this road trip, focusing on free camping, dog-friendly activities/areas, farmers markets and natural grocers, damn-good food, hiking, hot springs, beaches, wildlife, and cool towns and cities. If you click on the pin, it will give you the location name, address, and a description of our feelings about the place, the time of year we went, and whether it is dog-friendly or not!

USA Road Trip Map Route

Click on each marker to see the exact coordinates and extra info about the location!

Traveling the US with a Dog!

Traveling with a dog is amazing, but can also add additional planning. If you are introverted like John and I, but have a very extroverted dog, you’re bound to make many friends along the route!

USA Road Trip Map Route - Traveling with Dogs

Things to keep in mind when Traveling with a Dog

The BEST Portable Fridge Freezer for Long Road Trips - 2023
  • Many national parks are strict with dogs, and dogs aren’t allowed off of the pavement and on trails, so do your research before visiting national parks!
  • However, if hiking is your thing, we found that hikes outside of the National Parks, which were dog-friendly were absolutely beautiful, and little to no people on the trails!
  • In very hot, dry areas, make sure you have plenty of water for your pup!
  •  It’s a good idea to bring health records listing recent vaccinations in case they are requested at certain parks or border crossings.
  • Pack extra food!
  • Pack dog-poop bags, and if you bag the poop, CARRY IT OUT!
  • On long travel days, allow for some potty breaks, and stretching!
  • Respect wildlife!
  • We found that most places were surprisingly dog-friendly, and having a dog didn’t really hold us back from doing anything we really wanted to do!

Popular Landmarks and National Parks Where You Can Bring Your Dog
Pets in National Parks

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