How to live a holistic lifestyle

How to live a more holistic lifestyle

It’s not just about eating organic food, or practicing yoga, there are so many other ways to live holistically. To live Happier. And to live healthier!

How to live holistically

What does it mean to you to live holistically? Living a holistic lifestyle could be different for every individual person. Living holistically means that you are living your life the way that you feel is both natural for yourself and for the world in which you live in. So, how to live a more holistic lifestyle, is the question.

What does living holistically mean to me? Living holistically to me means eating fresh, organic food from our local community, using products made without chemicals and being able to read the label without saying WTF, practicing yoga, mindfulness, and gratitude, and living life, happy, healthy and more sustainable.

A holistic lifestyle not only benefits us physically, but it benefits us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And it also benefits our environment.

There are many ways we can live more holistically. Whether it’s finding a more holistic diet or making your own cleaning products. How about turning off the TV or Cell Phone and stepping outside for fresh air and the sound of nature. There are so many ways to live more naturally. And you don’t have to do everything!! You have to start somewhere!

Ways to live more holistically

There are so many different ways of living holistically, and it doesn’t just mean buying organic food, practicing yoga, protesting pesticides and chemical-based products, and arguing with everyone about your opinions of vaccines and medications. It’s a lifestyle where you’re looking to remove anything toxic from your life, whether it’s a toxic relationship, or anger and negativity built deep inside you because of your past. We’re all different. We all have our own beliefs. Our own strengths. And our own weaknesses. We’re all fighting our own battles inside our heads.

Here’s a start, be kind to one another. Listen to what they have to say. and don’t worry about what they believe in vs what you believe in.

Here is a list of different things we can change in our lives to live more naturally, more healthy, and more happy! Some easier said than done. Do what works best for you. For your family. And for your dog.

Treat your body with natural, healthy foods
Eat Fresh Food! Support your local businesses, your local farmers!

Why eat food that was traveled hundreds of miles, increasing the carbon footprint and not having a clue about how it was raised or processed? If you get to know you’re local farmers, you build a relationship, and you know exactly how the animals were raised, or whether or not they use pesticides on there produce. Animal welfare is so important to me and after attending SUNY Cobleskill, majoring in Animal Science, I learned about how many animals are raised that end up at your fast-food chains and man is that scarring. So stop supporting fast-food chains! Limit your processed food intake! Eat food that is native to you! THIS IS YOUR BODY!!

Practice mindfulness

Focus your awareness on the present moment, not the past, not the future. Acknowledge and accept your feelings and thoughts. Let all judgment go! There is no right or wrong way! Be in the now! Mindfulness helps bring awareness to your body, your emotions, and your thoughts. It helps you feel grounded and calm.

ow to live a more holistic lifestyle

Practice Gratitude

Be grateful! Appreciate the little things. Start your day off with telling yourself 3 things you are grateful for! So many well-known people, famous people start their day off with 3 things they are grateful for! You should too!

How to live a more holistic life

Minimize how much screen-time a day!

Yes, I know that’s hard when you stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day because it’s kind of part of your job. But minimize the amount of time you spend on social media, your phones or watching t.v. Give yourself at least an hour before bed without that blue light to help you sleep better!

Minimize the chemicals in your house!

Whether it’s cleaning products, make-up or hair products. Think about what you’re putting on or in your body and the products you use around your house that could have an effect on you or your family. Check out our post on natural beauty products, we go a little into cleaning products as well! The Naturally Clean Home Recipe Book has really easy recipes for every need!!! Most of my cleaning products are made with water, vinegar, lemon, essential oils, and non-toxic soap, such as Dr. Bronners. If you are wondering if your products are actually non-toxic like the company markets as then download the app “Think Dirty.” Many products are listed and are given a rating from clean to dirty!

Our skin is the largest organ in the body so everything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so make sure your kind to your body!

Stay Active

We weren’t made to sit in chairs all day, unfortunately, most of us do! Go for a walk or a jog after work. Go to the gym or the yoga studio. Keeping your body active is going to keep you young!

Practice Yoga!

Yes, we all know I am a yoga enthusiast. But look at how it changed me! Yoga has so many benefits! It decreases stress and anxiety. Helps with depression. It helps with finding better balance, not only physically, but mentally too. Flexibility. Improves our sleep quality. Detoxification through helping rid the body of toxins and heavy metals. Increases strength and stamina. Better digestive functioning (per Dr. Axe, reduces symptoms of IBS). Improves blood flow. reduces systems with pregnancy and postpartum depression. Less chronic pain!! And my favorite, it helps with accepting your body!!

Natural Remedies

Every time you come down with a little cold, instead of going to the doctors, paying that copay and being prescribe medication that really isn’t necessary, think about some natural remedies first. Maybe try some bone-broth, spices (ginger, garlic), supplements (Vitamin C) or think about using essential oils to cleanse the air! I find that if I feel like if we are coming down with something I put Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oil in the diffuser right next to our bed, and that seems to always work for us! (I am sure it is a combination of things that help!) Also know your brands, not all essential oils are created equally!

Sweating is good for you!!

When you sweat you are eliminating toxins from your body, which in return is going to help with circulation and digestion! But don’t clog your sweat glands with toxic deodorant! You’ll also release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins which are hormones that are going to make you feel happier and relaxed! Go for a run, sit in a sauna, explore a hot yoga class!

Health - Sauna

Know how to manage your stress!

Stress causes sickness, loss of energy and weight gain. Learn what works best for you whether it’s exercising, meditating, deep breathing, being out in nature, yoga or just petting your dog!

Continue to learn!

Take a class, go back to school, read a book, listen to a podcast, learn a new skill. There is an infinite number of ways to challenge your mind to grow and expand. Learning something new gives you a conversation starter, it helps the mind and I mean, who has ever been sad from learning a new skill?

Get out of your comfort zone!

We’re often scared. Scared to go to the gym for the first time or the yoga studio. Scared to start a new job. Afraid of meeting new people and starting a conversation, like what the hell do we talk about? Fake it until you make it. Climb Mount Everest. Take chances! Doing absolutely nothing gets you absolutely nowhere. I believe in you!


Anyone who knows me knows I am all about self-care Sundays (Or self-care everyday)!! Self-care is awesome for reducing stress, exhaustion and negative self-talk. Treat your body with love and respect!

Self Care - How to live a more holistic life

Get rid of Self Doubts. Negative Self Talk. Negativity Period.

Negative self-talk is so toxic. And can affect not only you but the people around you. It lowers our self-esteem, decreases our motivation and increases our stress. And can often lead to depression. Learn to notice when you’re being self-critical and reverse with something positive! Practice So-Hum Mantra. The So-Hum mantra means “I am that” in Sanskrit. Meaning being one with the universe or ultimate reality. Being supported, offering a safe place, love and protection.

Create Healthy Routines!

Find a routine that works best for you, and stick with it. If that means getting up early to read a couple of chapters in a book, or to practice yoga or exercise. Or to just have some time by yourself before or after work. or maybe meal-prep on Sundays to help make the workweek go smoother! Make time. Create that routine.


There are so so many ways you can live more holistically. And again, living a holistic lifestyle is so different for each individual person. Do what’s best for you. Start small. Be happy! Be healthy. Live Free!


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A Certified Yoga Instructor and wellness coach, who studied Environmental Sustainability and Animal Science. Lover of animals and tacos! And passionate about traveling, hiking, yoga, and the environment.

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